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B is for baked sushi

Yikes….almost a year between blog posts. Hi, how are you? I’m good thanks. Yes, I’m still cooking- but no, I’m not planning on opening another restaurant (but, never say never, I guess), yes, I still live in Perry and yes, I commute to West Des Moines every day, but after living in NYC for so long – a little 35-minute drive is nothing, actually is … Continue reading B is for baked sushi

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A is for Anchovy

Now, before you say you hate anchovies, or you don’t really care for anchovies, or say, can you make this without anchovies please? NO! Give these little salty, briny, umami guys a break! What’s umami? It’s actually one of the five basic tastes along with sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Anchovies are a secret weapon. Fancy pants! Frequently asked questions. 1. Are they fishy? Well, … Continue reading A is for Anchovy

spaghetti pie

It’s my 44th trip around the sun this week, and while I’m more in-the-moment sensitive and emotional than retrospective, this year has me looking back. I’ve always had really great birthdays. I’m usually working, but that’s what made them so special. Employers, co-workers, employees, friends and my family always make the day incredible. Nothing over the top, Rick threw a surprise party for me one … Continue reading spaghetti pie