the mix

This snack mix has changed dramatically over the years – but the tradition remains the same. For purists, (my sister) it’s just salted peanuts and candy corn. But I say, mix it up! The first sign of fall calls for the MIX! I always looked forward to a care package from mom with this delicious treat in NYC over the years. It’s always on her dining room table, oh, and if you have the glass pumpkin candy dish, all the better. The great thing about this mix, for me, is that there are no measurements and no rules- just DUMP. Add your favorites in the amounts that you love. Make huge batches and share with your friends and neighbors. I love sitting on the porch, playing cards, drinking peach whisky tea, listening to music and the MIX! Tell me know YOUR favorite snack mix!

the best Halloween snack mix – EVER


candy corn
harvest mix candy corn
reese’s pieces
mini peanut butter cups


salted peanuts
cheddar goldfish
pretzel goldfish

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