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katie harvey

I found my passion for food, photography and cooking really as a second career. Upon graduation, I moved to New York City and attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy – studying musical theater, vocal production, film/TV and dance.  Following a theater career, on and off-Broadway, I reached a decision that would change the direction of my life.

Combining my passion for food, events and music I transitioned into the restaurant industry.  I worked at one of New York’s finest restaurants, Macelleria—meaning Butcher Shop, in Italian—where I discovered my love and obsession for Italian cuisine and appreciation for from scratch cooking.

In 2016, my husband and I relocated back to Iowa, a state known for its up and coming food scene and fantastic livability.  Returning to my family and midwest roots to open my first restaurant, Harvey’s Diner & Pub. I developed a menu with recipes that fit “small town Iowa” all the while using ingredients I could find and celebrate locally. My food is rustic but extravagant with understandable and from scratch ingredients.  A recovering New Yorker, I love combining my east-coast palate to classic midwest recipes. 

I thought I was ready for the challenges of owning / managing a scratch restaurant in rural Iowa, and for the most part I was. It was the most challenging and rewarding 4 years of my life. Filled with extreme highs and lows. But I look back with such pride and a thankful heart.

Why Katie in Perry? We moved to Perry, Iowa in June of 2019 and fell in love with this special little town. Local coffee shop, diverse dining options, beautiful home boutiques and art galleries. But mostly because we found a community of support that has gotten us through some really hard times. I’m thankful everyday for the community of friends and neighbors.

Why the blog? Well…Harvey’s is no longer open (whispers…..i was fired) and I’m not planning on opening another Harvey’s at this time (grrrrrrr……non-compete for the next 13 months) and well…I’ve never felt more creative. So here we go! Oh, and please don’t judge my spelling, I talk fast.

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