my ice cream obsession

the creamery.

D is for dumplings

When you see the word gnocchi – your brain starts to fizzle, you get a little sweaty and start looking for an exit. How do I say this word? Why is there even a G in the name if I can’t say it? GAHHHH! Ok. Ok. Let’s just settle down – we are still at… Continue reading D is for dumplings

B is for baked sushi

Yikes….almost a year between blog posts. Hi, how are you? I’m good thanks. Yes, I’m still cooking- but no, I’m not planning on opening another restaurant (but, never say never, I guess), yes, I still live in Perry and yes, I commute to West Des Moines every day, but after living in NYC for so… Continue reading B is for baked sushi

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