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Birthday Shrimp

Recently I made birthday dinner for a dear friend, one of my favorite things to be asked. And with the pandemic, we’ve had to rethink what birthdays look like. When you cook for a living, some people hesitate to ask you for your help or to even host a birthday dinner. They don’t want to … Continue reading Birthday Shrimp

spaghetti pie

It’s my 44th trip around the sun this week, and while I’m more in-the-moment sensitive and emotional than retrospective, this year has me looking back. I’ve always had really great birthdays. I’m usually working, but that’s what made them so special. Employers, co-workers, employees, friends and my family always make the day incredible. Nothing over … Continue reading spaghetti pie

hey pumpkin

I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin – I don’t dislike it – I’m just not obsessed with the taste. I don’t PSL anything- I wouldn’t knock it out of your hands – I just wouldn’t go out of my way to order it. My friend Pat (owner and creative genius behind Salvaged Soul, Perry … Continue reading hey pumpkin

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